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Dhobi Ghat/Bombay Diaries (2010)

Last evening I saw Dhobi Ghat at the local cinema hall. In the town I live, hardly any Hindi films are shown. Thus, I was very happy to see the bills of Dhobi Ghat on the cinema display board. I wasn’t expecting much, because the reviews had been mixed. When I entered the cinema hall last night there were five people including my freind and me. The fifth person it seems had just come there to sleep and stink. We sighed and moved one row ahead. The film began, the plot unfolded , the pictures came, it moved, it swept over the streets of Bombay, the sights, the smells (!), the colours, the hectic, the stillness, the monsoon, the music, the life. A poem, a song with a strong ending, but all the same a beautiful ending, very fulfilling!
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Mr. & Mrs. 55 (1955)

It is so hard to decide if I like this film or not. The story is anti-feminist and traditionalist. But at the same time the director/story-writer’s take on “upper-class liberal reformers who seek to impose their ideology on society at large”, as Philip Lutgendorf  puts it, in the form of Abrar Alvi’s witty dialogues are simply great. It is simply difficult to have a single opinion on this movie. Dustedoff  has also provided a nice review of this movie on her blog. Read the rest of this entry »


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